The Grand Reunion Introductory Session


Trevor Goacher, Chief Executive of MSMWS, and his team at Satchel Court played a great part in the success of the Grand Reunion.  In the video clip below, Allen Soares is seen presenting Trevor with a framed Stephen J. Card print of  Queen of Bermuda -  with some unexpected results.

In part one, Alva James sets the scene, followed by contributions from Allen Soares, Bob White, Tony Roberts, Alan Bell, Doug Hansell, Joe Higgins, Veronica Clark, William Cox, Shirley Layne, Arthur Bullock and Emlyn Jones.

Part two, below, includes Clive Wales, Michael Lawton, Ian Denton, John Bletsoe and John Barkess .

Part three includes Steve Martin, Denis Knight, Martin Greenwood, Dave Townson, Jeff Walton and John Stafford.

Part four includes Mike Edwards, Sir Alan Duddle, Brian Broome, Bill Hanlon, Terry Doran, Alf ‘Taff’ Thomas and Dave Cummins.

The final part (five) includes Mike Shailer, Dave Harris, Stan Budd, John Durban, Peter Manley, David Gillmon and Monarch of Bermuda veteran, Fred Burney.

For many attending the weekend, one of the highlights was the ‘Who we are’ session, in which each seafarer introduced themselves to the audience with some memorable comments: ‘Gem of the Merchant Navy, the Queen of Bermuda’’‘ - Denis Knight; ‘The Queen spoils you for other ships’ - Dave Harris; ‘Those of us who travelled on the last voyage of the Queen of Bermuda will never forget the day she left Hamilton’ - Mike Edwards; ‘Just wish the Queen was still here so we could all go back’ - Dave Harris; ‘There is something about merchant seamen - the camaraderie, the fellowship’ and ‘ We (Monarch of Bermuda) could always beat you (Queen of Bermuda) at football!’ - Fred Burney.  This is how the session was introduced ...

Who we are—five video clips