This website is for ships’ crew of the FBL— more than 40 years on.

Furness Bermuda Line: ships’ crew reunited

A photographic record of the weekly run from New York to Bermuda and back in the 1960s, aboard the ships of Furness Bermuda Line.

From New York to Bermuda

Photos: Allan Davidson, Ian Denton, Alva James and Peter Manley.

Saturday 3.00 pm: Queen of Bermuda and Ocean Monarch leave Furness Line’s Pier 95 on the Hudson River.

Calm seas as Queen of Bermuda, seen here from the bridge of  Ocean Monarch with Captain Ian Saunders,  heads for Bermuda.

Time for a breather before dinner on the after deck of Queen of Bermuda.

Fine food for the passengers on Queen of Bermuda.

Dining in style on Queen of Bermuda, 1963.

Queen of Bermuda arrives in Hamilton, Bermuda on Monday morning and comes alongside at No.1 Shed.

Ocean Monarch ties up in St. George, Bermuda on Monday morning. 

Crew and passengers enjoy the ‘pink’ sands that make up Bermuda’s extensive beaches.

After leaving Bermuda on Wednesday afternoon for New York, Queen of Bermuda encounters rough seas.

Queen of Bermuda receives a ‘fire boat’ welcome on her return to the Hudson river in 1962  -  with just one funnel.

Friday morning and Queen of Bermuda officers and crew  watch as the ship approaches Pier 95 on the Hudson River.