John Turner’s description of his photo website and other anecdotes

I found these slides when digging around at my mother’s house. I am awful at remembering detail and names but here are my foggy recollections behind them.

1. Me back in those good old days  -  a fun two years!  

2. A somewhat larger version of me today. Once I returned to England at the end of 1965 I decided to leave behind a maritime career and emigrated to New York, marrying someone who I had met at one of those infamous Friday night parties. I lived in the United States until 1993.  My company moved me to Switzerland and I returned to the UK a few years later. I now live in Portsmouth.

Let me relate to you one of the funny events that occurred , involving that wonderful captain, Magnus Musson. I was on the 0800-1200 watch one Sunday morning as we were passing one of the US Navy radar picket ships that used to patrol the coast back then. They signalled to us – ‘what ship, what cargo, where bound?’. We answered them. Then Captain Musson stormed on to the wing of the bridge and told us to send them the same signal. Their reply was ‘US Navy’. He then instructed us to send one final signal to them – ‘US Navy only has one ship?’.   Back to the photos.                                                                                                                   

3. The next 6 photos are of a tug o’war between the ships’ crew and I believe the Staff Captain [Ed: looks like Captain Ian Saunders] giving an award to the winning team.  [Ed: officers’ team include coach Dave Gillmon, Malcolm Sargent, Mike Shailer and  Ray Gleave.  The captain of the winning team receiving the trophy is Dennis Knight.  Tony Ramwell is item 6. Thanks to Bob White for the identieis—Please let us know of any other members you can identify from either team.].

4. The next photo is taken from Queen of Bermuda passing Queen Elizabeth – we acknowledged each other’s presence.

5. The next one is of Elbow Beach – not sure if any of these people were crew members.

6. Next photo is of a radio officer and a fellow cadet on the roof of the radio shack.

7. The one of the small boat has really nothing to do with Queen of Bermuda.  I think it was only about 14 feet long and it had been sailed single-handed by a chap from England. After a stay in Bermuda, he then sailed on to New York. We developed a good relationship with him during his stay but he was very frightened about getting back into the boat, which I could understand.

8. Next, the funnel of Queen of Bermuda.

9. Ocean Monarch sailing past Queen of Bermuda as she leaves Hamilton.

10. Then me painting the radar – don’t think Health and Safety would allow this today.

11. The next ‘portrait’ is of a junior third officer. [Ed: In fact, it is Malcolm (Charlie) Llewellyn, an assistant purser.  So not sure if the following story is about him.] A painful story about him. He hadn’t been on board very long and a group of us went into Hamilton for the evening. After a few drinks – and while we were walking back to the ship – he suddenly broke into a run and jumped over a wall. Unfortunately for him there was a big drop on the other side and he broke his leg. We carried him back to the ship and deposited him at the bottom of a ladder – wanting officialdom to believe his injury occurred on board. He didn’t get away with it and he had to fly home.

12. The next 7 photos are of crew boat races in Hamilton harbour.

13. The next is just a view of the harbour.

14. Followed by a view of Front Street.

15. Really not sure about the next one – don’t remember if we actually played someone at cricket.

16. Spent many hours with the two characters in the next photo. They were always at the helm.

17. The next is Queen of Bermuda in Hamilton.

18. Queen of Bermuda starting to make her way down the Hudson.

19. Another cadet getting his rest.

20. Then preparing to leave Pier 95.  [Ed: one of those seated on ‘C deck aft’ is Peter Manley].

21. Finally, the last 4 photos are of us going to the rescue of an injured sailor on a cargo ship.  [Ed: Bosun, Percy Bray and Bosun’s Mate, Vince Coggrave can be seen and also Captain Musson]

That’s it. 

Regards,  John Turner