This website is for ships’ crew of the FBL— more than 40 years on.

Furness Bermuda Line: ships’ crew reunited

Ships’ crew then

Terry Campbell, Melvin Watts and Peter Manley, Bellboys on Ocean Monarch, Christmas 1962. 

Photo: Bob Lawson, Ocean Monarch ship’s photographer.

Purser’s office staff on Ocean Monarch, 1964.  (Standing left to right) Malcolm Llewellyn, Alan P. Duddle, Des Kirkpatrick, (seated left to right) Dave Townson, Al James.

Photo: courtesy of Alva James.

Queen of Bermuda officers off duty on Elbow Beach, Bermuda, 1962.

Top: Jeff Mathias, Cadet

Middle: Assistant Pursers, Malcolm Llewellyn, Malcolm Sargent and Al James.

Bottom: Crew Purser, Ray Gleave, and Radio Officers, Dave Gillmon, Mike Shailer and Dick Fogden.

Photo: Courtesy of Alva James.



Ships’ crew gather for an Ocean Monarch Sports and Social Club evening at the Henry Hudson Hotel, New York, June 1964.

Photo: Henry Hudson Hotel.