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Found -  a Furness house flag

The effects of the late Bryce Higgins included this magnificent Furness house flag in near mint condition.

We are grateful to his son, Graham, for agreeing to lend it to us for any future reunion.

We couldn’t uncover one for last year’s reunion so this find is especially appreciated.

Stunning photographs come to light ...

We are indebted to Martin Howse, seen right on tender duty as 3rd Officer, for a series of photographs from his collection. 

For the aerial shots, he chartered a light aircraft from the former  Kindley Field airport. 

Above, Queen of Bermuda at No. 1 Shed, Hamilton in about 1963.  To the left is the Bermudiana Hotel and, to the right, Bermuda Cathedral

Below left, Hamilton harbour with an unknown PSNC/Royal Mail vessel astern—below right, Elbow Beach

A sight familiar to many of us sailing up and down the Hudson River in the 50s and 60s: 

Queen Mary, Mauretania and France

Queen of Bermuda and Monarch of Bermuda arriving together in New York—stunning footage found in British Pathé archives

To view this magnificent clip, click on the link in the box below.  On the British Pathé website, click on the > link provided which you will find in the centre of the image (as shown right).  There is no sound but you can enlarge the image to full screen by clicking on the icon provided below the frame.

Thanks to Ian Denton for bringing this to our attention; it will bring a great deal of pleasure to former ship’s crew who sailed on these two great ships.

We are grateful to British Pathé historical archive for permission to use this link and the image depicted on the right.

… and rare images of Queen of Bermuda

These photographs were taken from the aft mast by Clive Wales (shown here below as 3rd Officer) and include  Front Street, The Princess and Bermudiana Hotels in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Photographs provided by Allan Davidson from the collection of Clive Wales.

Models of Queen of Bermuda, and now Ocean Monarch, made by former Cruise Director ...

We were contacted by Ered Matthew (right), former Cruise Director with Norwegian Cruise Line. 

Ered told us, “I became interested in the Furness Bermuda Line while serving on board m/v Norwegian Majesty on her run to St. George and Hamilton. I was delighted to run across your website while searching for reference images for my current project, two 3' models of Queen of Bermuda (below), now completed.”

One of the completed models

The two models, nearing completion

He also told us, “I spent many, many hours unsuccessfully trying to track down and acquire an oil painting of QTEV Queen of Bermuda that I discovered hanging in the lounge on board Bermuda Star Line's Queen of Bermuda, former s/s Brasil (right with QE2 behind) while I was working on board as a guest entertainer back in 1989.

Since the completion of the Queen of Bermuda models, one has been discovered on display in a Scottish distillery.  Click here to find out why.

“I am also the owner of Cabin Class Collectibles at  I have on hand a large number of FBL items, including china, silver, glassware, souvenirs and ephemera.”

Ocean Monarch in St George, Bermuda on sailing day

Two striking photographs by Jim Mackintyre, a former navigating cadet on board.

Queen of Bermuda on the front cover of ‘The Saturday Evening Post’, 1955

This photograph of Queen of Bermuda passing the Ambrose Lightship in the 1950s has been sent by Colin Smart.  Colin relates, “I came across your website and enjoyed it. Thought you might like this photo taken in1955. It is black and white from a colour cover of New York’s The Saturday Evening Post. I was a Cadet on both Ocean Monarch and Queen of Bermuda,1954-1956.


This image is more than 50 years old and is published here for the benefit of former crew.  Copyright  may rest with ‘The Saturday Evening Post’.


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Ered has contacted the website again. ‘I am pleased to send along the attached image of the completed model of TSS Ocean Monarch, built to the same scale of 1:2000 as Queen of Bermuda. She is 31 inches (78.74 cm) long.’

The model is mounted and cased in preparation for her forthcoming voyage to the Mediterranean for her Greek buyers. 

The completed model of Ocean Monarch (right) and, inset, nearing completion.