Frequently Asked Questions  … 

How do I find what I want on the website?

The website is divided into 12 main areas, to which access is gained by clicking on the tabs (top left in the main areas).  Some of the main areas also have sections and you can access these once you have entered the main area.


Is what I see on the screen all there is?

No.  It is always useful to continue to scroll down each page because, in many cases, there are more stories, pictures and videos to enjoy.  You know you have reached the end of a page when the navigation bar (a list of tabs spread, this time, across the bottom of the page) appears, as at the bottom of this page.  From this bar, you can click on to a main area. 


How do I get the videos to work properly?

Videos usually require broadband or ASDL facilities to work properly.   If you don’t have such a facility, why not access the website at your local library or in a cyber-café?


How to I get help?

Any problems with the website, please contact the webmaster.