May 2009 Grand Reunion

For a direct link to the Memorabilia room, click here. For the Introductory session with presentations and memories of attendees, here and for the dinner, here.



Is that really me?

Allen Soares during his highly acclaimed ‘History of the Furness Bermuda Line’ slide show.

All former crew at the reunion

Bellboys  -  (back row—left to right) Allen Soares, Tony Roberts, Peter Manley, xxxxxx,  (middle row) Joe Higgins, xxxxxx, Brian Broome, Ian Bray, (seated) Fred Burney

Pursers and Radio Officers — former  ‘sparks and clerks’  -  (left to right—back row) Bob White, Dave Townson, Dave Harris,  Allan Duddle,  Mike Shailer, (middle row) John Stafford, Jeff Walton, Bill Cox, David Gillmon, Bill Hanlon, (seated) Al James

Deck and engineering

Catering department members


Ian Bray (left) and Tony Roberts

David Harris (left), Mike Shailer and Alan Duddle

Christine and Peter Manley

Allen Soares (left) talking to Fred Burney and Gerry Thomas

Shirley Layne-Thompson (left) with Anthea and Bill Cox

Bob White (left) with Alan Duddle

Ian and Val Denton (left) and George and Debbie Swain

Emlyn Jones (aka Jones One)

Queen of Bermuda crew members

Ocean Monarch crew members

Monarch of Bermuda veteran with escort