Furness Bermuda Line: ships’ crew reunited

Text Box: This website is for ships’ crew of the FBL— more than 40 years on.

Furness Bermuda Line Association


At the Grand Reunion in May, the suggestion that an association be formed was put to those attending and was agreed by general acclaim.  Later, at a first meeting, a temporary committee was formed and charged with setting up the association.

We are, therefore, pleased to announce the formation of Furness Bermuda Line Association (FBL Association), the principle objective of which is to maintain the comradeship formed while in service with Furness Bermuda Line (FBL) and to sustain an interest in its seafarers, ships and communities.

This will be achieved as follows:

1 To provide funds to enhance this website

a with a members’ section, a blog page and interactive features

b to pay for the website registration and maintenance costs  -  up to now paid for by private donations and voluntary services

c to commission regular features for members.

2. To create a small central function to administer the association.

3. To create a regional structure to promote smaller, more frequent reunions (the first planned for May next year in Bermuda), and the search for new members.

4. To provide funds for running major events, such as Grand Reunions.

5. To provide funds for the sale of FBL Association official merchandise.




Committee members

The first committee meeting of Furness Bermuda Line Association was held on Sunday 15 May 2011 at Satchell Court in Surrey, following the Grand Reunion.  Elected as first committee office holders were:


President accepted by Peter Manley (right), who also accepted the post of Membership Secretary for the UK

Honorary Secretary accepted by William Cox (below left)

Honorary Treasurer/Webmaster  - positions vacant

Overseas Secretary for Bermuda, accepted by Allen Soares (below centre)

Overseas Secretary for North America and Rest of the World , accepted by Robert White (below right).



Membership is open to former crew members of FBL, partners and near relatives of former crew members, former FBL employees, former passengers, and guest members.



Alva James (right), former assistant purser, webmaster and treasurer says, “After careful consideration, I have decided that it is time to move on from FBLA  -  I have plans to take some time off and pursue other interests.  It has been a wonderful time since  Peter Manley, Allen Soares, Bill Cox, Bob White and I formed the association and it seems highly appropriate to bow out now, on this, the 50th update of the website.”

“The website has received many wonderful contributions from former crew members, their relatives, passengers and Furness Staff, and it has been a joy to assemble them in a form suitable for publication.  The website has become, by their memories and archive material, a lasting record of that amazing time in our lives.”



Job Vacancies

Peter Manley, Chairman of the FBL Association, would like to hear from anyone happy to take on the role of association treasurer/or webmaster.  The roles are voluntary and carry no remuneration.  The ideal person or persons would be a former Furness Bermuda crew member, but this is not essential.

In the first instance, please contact Peter Manley.  Click here


Alva James collection