Grand Reunion 2011, section 3 — the official movie

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Technical Stuff

The official movie is over 2 hours long and is divided into parts, each about 15 minutes in length.  The links below are to our site on YouTube.

To access each part, click on the relevant link and it will open a media player on your  computer.  Click ‘play’ (>) to start and turn on your speakers as the film comes with an audio soundtrack.

To best view the movie, you need a broadband connection and a player such as Windows Media Player and, as this website is constructed in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, a web browser with which it will work efficiently.

Videographer: Simon Mitchell

Subtitles: Alva James



Part One:  The sound of the triple-chime whistle of Queen of Bermuda; welcome address by Alva James on behalf of the organising committee; the presentation to Trevor Goacher, General Manager of MSWMS; votes of thanks; live trans-continental video call to Ian Bray on his boat in Wellington, New Zealand; best wishes from Shirley Layne-Thompson, Daphne Taylor and Carol Outerbridge, John Kirby and Eric Fear; Grand Reunion Trivia about Alec Reay and Denis KelleherClick here




Part Two:  ‘Who We Are’ contributions from Alva James, Ian Denton, Albert Chapman, Mickey Johnson, Howard Soares, John Turner, Allen Soares, Bob White, Russ Urry, John Clark, John Mercer, Colin Townsley, Mike Edwards, Emlyn Jones and Martin GreenwoodClick here

Part Three: ‘Who We Are’ contributions from  Peter Manley, Fergus Moran, David Gillmon, Jeff Walton, Dave Townson, Roger Booth, John Day, Martin Howse, Joe Higgins, Martin Simpson, Terry Howson, Dave Harris, Mike Shailer, Doug Hansell and Brian Broome.  Click here

Part Four: ‘who We Are’ contributions from Terry Doran, Brian Hoare, Lyndon Cooper, Des Kirkpatrick, Steve Martin, John Hillier, Eric Donnithorne, Dennis Knight, Donald Cameron, Bill Cox, Denis Kelleher, Alex Reay, Peter Hockaday, Clive Wales, Trevor Summerfield and … John L***!  Click here




World-renowned marine artist, Stephen Card,  presented  ‘Images of Sail and Steam’

Stephen’s keynote presentation evoked many memories and was hailed as a great success.  It is shown here in three parts.

Part one: click here

Part two: click here

Part three: click here

To enjoy Stephen’s commentary and the frequent audience participation, remember to turn up your speakers.

We are grateful to Stephen for granting us permission to show his presentation in its entirety  -  all images depicted are copyright, Stephen Card,  AFNI.


Stephen (above) at work

Photo: Anthea and Bill Cox

The final part of the movie includes most attendees at the coffee break on Saturday morning, followed by film of Furness Bermuda Line memorabilia exhibited by attendees.  Click here

All thumbnail images courtesy of YouTube