Grand Reunion 2011, section 2

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Features still to come include the Memorabilia Room and more clips from the official movie.

Above left to right, the first Grand Reunion for Des Kirkpatrick, John Day  and John Mercer with Denis Kelleher.

Above, Jane and Roger Booth.

Below, left to right, Patricia Clark, Barbara and Mickey Johnson, and John Clark enjoy a pre-dinner drink.

Below, Brian Walker (left) and Doug Hansell.

Above, former shipmates John Hillier  (left) and Dennis Knight.

Above, Bill Cox (left) and Martin Howse.

Above, , Howard Soares with Martin and Coral Simpson.

Below, left to right, Terry Doran, Terry Howson, Brian and  Eileen Broome.

Left, Alec Reay, Albert Chapman and Denis Kelleher.

Above, Marian Durban with Allen Soares.

Left, from left to right, Howard Soares, Jill  and John Clark, Mickey and Barbara Johnson.

Left, John Clark.

Right, Bob White (centre) talking to Anne and Andy Devine

Left, Des Kirkpatrick shows his discharge book to Bronwyn and Peter Hockaday.

Above, former radio officers, Jeff Walton and Bill Hanlon.

Above, Ian and Valerie Denton.

Above, Bill Cox talks to Albert and Irene Chapman.

Left, Alec Reay, Alva James and Alex Moran (standing), John Mercer and Denis Kelleher.

Above, from left to right, Roger and Jayne Booth with Dave Nelson and Allen Soares.


Above, John Meadowcroft talks to Anthea Cox (centre) and Christine Manley.

Left, Mr & Mrs Brian Hoare.

Above, Colin Townsley attempting the quiz.

Above, Mike Shailer (back to camera) recounting an anecdote with (left to right), John Turner, Dave Harris and David Gillmon.

Above, Russ Urry shares a memory with guest speaker, George Swaine and his wife Debbie.

Above, Lyndon Cooper (left) and Martin Greenwood.