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HMS Queen of Bermuda and entertaining the troops ...

During World War ll, Queen of Bermuda was requisitioned by the Royal Navy as an Armed Merchant Cruiser.  As HMS Queen of Bermuda, she served around the world (see the honours board right), latterly carrying thousands of troops.

Derek Lewis (left), former electrical engineer, wrote to us “Just acquired these programs from 1945 when Queen of Bermuda was being used as a troop ship.  Hope you can read them and by all means use them on the website.”

We are sure you will enjoy them as a priceless record of part of her wartime life.

Photograph of Derek Lewis and images of programmes from collection of Derek Lewis

Honours board, Ian Denton

Musson prints found in an attic …

The find of a set of Captain Musson’s prints in a Surrey attic coincides with the forthcoming Musson exhibition at the Masterworks Bermuda Museum of Art.

They were uncovered by Terry and Sheila Salter at their home in Surrey UK, and Terry wrote to the website to let us know.  “I am not an ex-Furness member but was on the staff of Bermuda Harbour Radio during the 60s and became friends with a number of the crew members of Queen of Bermuda and Ocean Monarch.  Am also aware of your reunions, having joined the one in 2011 for a drink as guests of Emlyn and Kathleen Jones.”

“During a loft clearout, we came across a framed set of Capt Musson’s prints which are now surplus to requirements.  It occurred to me that they might be of interest to someone on your circulation list.  No charge.”

“We were back in Bermuda (and visited the Station) in September 2011 during a visit to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary  We were just newly married when we arrived in 1962 and, with our children and grandchildren scattered far and wide, we decided to invest in nostalgia rather than the usual family get-together.  Having spent years watching cruise ships arrive and depart, we decided we would sail to the island with Holland America.  We spent a wonderful few days wandering around the island on a scooter revisiting ‘’memories’’ and remembering our Bermuda days ........still find it difficult to believe we were fortunate enough to spend six years there at that time in our lives.”

The prints were collected, photographed (as here) and now await their new home.

Photographs: Alva James

The print above “Bermuda Sloops ca 1745” was featured on the Furness Bermuda Line luncheon menus in the 1960s (right)

Four –masted Barque under storm canvas

The ship Experiment, Master Hezekiah Frith,  1963

Bermuda Privateer off Martinique,   (above) and inscription (right)

40-gun Frigates shortening sail, 1952 (above) with inscription (below)

HMS Bermuda 1806, 1963

Schooner at Grenada, 1960

North China Junk ,1952

Queen of Bermuda ship’s wheel unveiled at Bermuda reunion

Allan Davidson, former Jnr Chief Officer, contacted  the website with the exciting news that the wheel from Queen of Bermuda has been discovered.  He writes “I was at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club today and, during the course of a conversation with Paul Doughty, found out that the Club had recently been given the wheel.”


“Somewhat sceptically, I asked to see it and was able to confirm that it is the main wheel from the ship’s wheelhouse. The wooden grips were missing but the solid brass work is very much intact.”


Allan can be seen (right) at the wheel in 1958.  He say about his picture “When I used to go up to the bridge for evening meal relief from 18:30 to 19:10, the quartermaster would let me take over steering - with the consent of the senior watch keeper of course.”

Paul Doughty (left) tells us that the wheel has been renovated and adds “The Club intends to put the wheel in a prominent place available for all to see, not just members, after the Masterworks exhibit during the summer.”

Photographs: Allan Davidson, reproduced here with permission of Paul Doughty, Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Hamilton, Bermuda

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More Queen of Bermuda troop ship memorabilia uncovered ...

Keith Baker (left) contacted the website when he discovered what he later described as a ‘time-capsule’ of Queen of Bermuda memorabilia when she was a troop ship.

The cigarette tin contained a rare colour photograph of her in two-funnel mode (below left ) and another black and white plate of the ship in Port Said (below right).

The tin box capsule above and its contents below.

It also includes this Farewell Dance card (left). 

The Commander is shown as Captain Alfred Church and Officer Commanding Troops is Lieut-Col. FED Drake-Briscoe.

Keith is happy to talk to anyone about this find.  Please email the webmaster for his contact details.

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