FBL Association reunion in Bermuda, May 2012 , section 1

 Tom Butterfield, MBE

Image courtesy of www.masterworks.com accessed 11 Feb 2012


The first FBL Association reunion for former crew and their partners was held on Wednesday 16 May 2012 at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens, Paget.

The event, by kind permission of Tom Butterfield, director of Masterworks(right), was held to coincide with the museum’s exhibit to commemorate the art and life of Captain Magnus Musson (left), former master of Queen of Bermuda and Ocean Monarch.

Organised by local  FBLA secretary, Allen Soares (right), the event attracted a record 126 attendees, who enjoyed a private viewing of the exhibit and meeting former colleagues from Bermuda, USA, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The reunion was attended by guests of honour, John (left) and Deborah Musson, son and daughter of Captain Musson.  Each seafarer received a certificate of appreciation for service (below) from Scott Simmons (below right), acting director  of the Department of Marine and Ports for Bermuda, and Basil Gibbons (below left), former crew member.


Captain Magnus Musson

Photo: Mike Clark


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This feature has four sections, with photographs of attendees in sections 1 and 2.  Unless otherwise stated, photographs are by John DeSilva.

Section 3 is devoted  to images of the Musson exhibit and section 4 to  photographs of  the voyage  to Bermuda on  Veendam taken by a number of former FBL crew.

John Musson

Allen Soares

Scott Simmons

Basil Gibbons


Image of certificate: Allan Davidson

Most of the group above travelled to the reunion on Holland America’s Veendam.  Left to right: Tony Roberts, Ed Pollard, John Durban, Brian Broome, John Woods, Peter Manley, Allen Soares, Eric Donnithorne, Ian Bray, Dennis Knight and Jim MacIntyre

Fred Ming with Inas Shabaz (centre) and guest

Below: former bellboys and life-long friends, Ian Bray (left) and Tony Roberts

Leon Steed

Judi Davidson with (left to right), Mickey Johnson, Charles Cooper, Howard Crockwell, Quintin Burgess and Vernon Every

Dorothy Fogden with Allen Soares

Eugene Thomas

Raymond Proctor (left), former Untilityman on Queen of Bermuda, proudly holds a photograph of her in Havana, Cuba


Arthur Bullock (right), former Ship’s Carpenter on Queen of Bermuda

Charles Cooper (second from left) with (left to right) Richard, William and George Powell

Left: Manuel Roberts, Stanley Swan and Kenneth Turner

Carol Ann Roberts, Ruth Gardner and Mickey Johnson

Captain John Woods, former deck cadet

Marty Merritt (left), financial and administrative director of Masterworks, with Allen Soares and Peter Manley

Dick Fogden (foreground) and Arthur Bullock

Jim Mackintyre (left), Allan and Judi Davidson, Roger Farge

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John and Deborah Musson talking to Allan Davidson

Pam Wilcox with Brian Broome

Billy and Elizabeth Viera

Happy that it went well, reunion organisers, Penny and Allen Soares