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Stephen Card and his new painting of Queen of Bermuda ...

Stephen Card at work in his studio on another recent commission


Renowned marine artist and master mariner, Stephen J. Card, AFNI, held an exhibition of his recent work at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel in Bermuda on 25 October 2012. 

Stephen is well known to those who served with Furness Bermuda Line and gave the keynote lecture at our Grand Reunion in 2011.  (To see the  video of that event, click here)

His exhibition featured 21 works, including his latest Queen of Bermuda painting.  She is shown off Glen Sannox on the Isle of Arran Scotland, while on her steaming and endurance trials in February 1933.  The work is oil on linen and measures 24 x 36 inches.

Stephen has very kindly allowed an image of the painting to be shown here.  It is copyright Stephen J. Card and may not be reproduced or retrieved without his permission.

Among those attending the exhibition were former Furness Bermuda Line crew members (left to right) Bob White, Allen Soares and Allan Davidson.

We are grateful to Allan for these photographs of the event and for Stephen J. Card’s permission to show images of his paintings here.

Holland America Line’s magnificent flagship Nieuw Amsterdam outbound from New York for Rotterdam seen steaming past the Ambrose Light ship on a moonlit evening, summer 1938.  On the distant horizon, inbound, the United States Line’s ss Manhattan.  Oil on panel, 16 x 12 inches.

HMS Bermuda - 16 guns.  Built in Bermuda and shown off the East End , Bermuda, c. 1806.  Oil on panel, 9 x 12 inches.

Royal Mail Line’s Thessaly outbound from Hamilton, Bermuda c.1968.  In the foreground, the old Bermuda Marine Board lineboat, Little David.  Oil on panel, 9 x 12 inches.

{Editor’s note:  According to my discharge book, I was on board Thessaly at this time!}

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Surprise find on Scottish holiday ...

Martin and Corinne Greenwood (right) decided to visit the Glenmorangie distillery at Tain click here while on holiday in Scotland.  Imagine their surprise when one of the exhibits turned out to Martin’s former ship, Queen of Bermuda


Photographs: Simon Mitchell



Martin takes up the story.  “In the visitors’ waiting room, Corinne and I found a model of Queen of Bermuda with three funnels. The display case (left) contained a narration of the Furness Bermuda Line service and the fact they were known as the 'Millionaire Ships'. It certainly made our holiday in Scotland!”

He says, “The display had no bearing on the fact the ship’s last port of call was Faslane or, at least ,l don’t think so.  It just appeared to be part of Glenmorangie’s advertising in the 1930s. Anyway, somewhere for you to visit in the Spring.”

Martin (right) on boat duty aboard Queen of Bermuda in the 1960s. Photograph from Martin’s collection

Photographs at Glenmorangie: Martin Greenwood


Corinne Greenwood at the display

When we looked closely at Martin’s photographs of the model, we realised that it was built by Ered Matthew (left).  His builder’s plate is fixed behind the stern of his model (below).

This model was one of two built by Ered and led to the article about his model building in Achives 3.  To see that feature, click here.

Ered says, “I was contacted by the gentleman who was tasked with designing the interior of the room in which Queen of Bermuda is displayed.“ 

“Apparently, founder Roderick Macdonald II, frequently sailed on her and may have had a fondness for the Queen.  I have attached a .pdf copy of a brochure that had been sent to me during construction, and within is a photograph (on page 17) of Mr. Macdonald posed at the ship's rail with a Queen of Bermuda life preserver clearly visible.”

“It was certainly a pleasure to hear from you, and I am truly delighted to learn that the Queen has been ‘discovered’.”

Ered is currently building a model of Ocean Monarch.  To see the model under construction, click here and scroll through the article about his Queen of Bermuda models.



Photographs: Ered Matthew

Stephen also sent these two images and told us, “Here (above) is my most recent painting of ms Bermuda  in Hamilton harbour and (right) HMS Queen of Bermuda in Neptune's Bellows, leaving Deception Island in1941  -   the original is just 6 x 8 inches.
Stephen added a final note that will please many
Ocean Monarch fans.  “I have another big show planned for November 2014 and will produce a major piece on Ocean Monarch.  Long overdue!!!”

Images are copyright of Stephen J. Card and may not be retrieved or copied without the permission of the artist.

To read a copy of the Glenmorangie brochure to which Ered refers, click here.

Brochure copyright: Glenmorangie Distillery