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Imagine if Cunard took over Furness Bermuda Line ... 


Allen Soares wrote to us with these thoughts of Stephen Card (noted marine artist):

‘Imagine Queen Elizabeth 2 to be purchased from Dubai and renamed Ocean Monarch  (left) and will take up the New York to Hamilton, Bermuda run.  Queen Mary 2 (below) to be renamed Queen of Bermuda and take over the New York to St. Georges run — once the widening of the Town Cut is completed.’ 


Stephen added, ‘The current Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria to be taken over by Bermuda’s Department of Marine & Ports Service and used as tenders from Heritage Wharf, Dockyard to Hamilton .’


(Ed) What a thought  and great idea, Stephen - but, if you believe this, you will believe anything ...




Photographs: Stephen Card from collection of Allen Soares.

A joking Stephen Card (left)

Photograph: Simon Mitchell

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Photograph: Tom Butterfield

Tom Butterfield, MBE

Image courtesy of accessed 11 Feb 2012

Tom Butterfield (below) director of Masterworks Museum in Bermuda has let us know that Frederick Pillsbury has given his fine dining-room panel to the museum.

Tom said, ’Thought you would interested in seeing a recent gift to Masterworks in Bermuda. This very large panel (right) was on D deck. It is about 6x9 feet and resides at the top of our stairs. A great gift’. 

The panel is also featured in ‘Remember  this?’ Click here.


Queen of Bermuda panel finds final resting place in Bermuda museum ...

‘It’s so fresh, I haven’t even unpacked and hung it yet. It was painted by a tugboat artist in Philadelphia and I commissioned him to break away from his normal subjects and paint Queen of Bermuda and Ocean Monarch for me.’

‘I think the result is brilliant. Feel free to put it onto the website when you next do an update. I also attach the business card of the artist (right) in case anyone wants a mini-copy of the picture or some other work to be commissioned.’

Andy Herdan (above) replied to our recent update by saying, ‘I love getting the latest FBL pictures and stories .. you are a real trooper, keeping the website current.’

‘Speaking of current, I have attached a photo (right) of the very latest picture of the two ships in New York.’

Former deck officer commissions painting ...

…  and next ...

MS Bermuda (aka Kungsholm) by Stephen Card

Former assistant purser finds rare photograph of wartime Monarch of Bermuda berthed in the River Mersey.

Rod Pattinson (right), Assistant Purser on Ocean Monarch in the 1960s, was searching through the archives of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London, and found this masterpiece (below).  The image was thought to be taken about 1945.

We asked Allan Davidson, former FBL deck officer and noted naval historian, about the photograph.  “The Furness tugs make it a virtual certainty she is berthed in the Mersey. That vintage were Beemore, Ceemore and Deemore, if my memory serves me correctly. They were certainly still in service in 1956 when I joined the "Newfoundland" but were replaced by more modern ones, such as the "Kilmore".

Question is, is she berthed on the ‘Liverpool’ or ‘Birkenhead’ side of the Mersey? Is anyone able to tell us? (Ed).


Rod Pattinson

Photo: Ernie Barrow


© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


Sir Alan’s new model of Queen of Bermuda …



Miniature models from Tony Roberts’ collection ...

Tony continues Also of interest is a photo of my model display of the Liverpool docks, circa 1960 (left). Note the four Furness Withy ships in Hornby dock:  Nova Scotia, Pacific North West, Western Prince and Mystic.“

Wirral Miniature Ships on Merseyside makes a whole range of Furness ships and is the main supplier for most of my models. Les Hodder 0151-339- 8055 or for those living outside the UK  011-44 151-339-8055 . E-mail  and he will be delighted to send you his catalogue showcasing the ships he has crafted.”



Tony Roberts (below) sent us these photographs of his collection of model ships.  He tells us “I’ve been collecting model ships since I found a model of Queen of Bermuda about a year ago … and now I own about 200.”  

“The scale is 1/1200. My 3 funnel version of Queen of Bermuda  (about 5 inches long)  was made by Albatross and the 1 funnel version by Wirral Miniature Ships.”

“The photo on the right is my version of the photograph in Archives, section 1 and shows Ocean Monarch made by CM.”



We are grateful to Emma Lefley, Picture Librarian of the Royal Museums Greenwich, for permission to publish this image.

Tony also tells us “For those of you interested in Queen of Bermuda (3 funnel version) and Ocean Monarch, contact Bill Warner of  Morning Sunshine Models at

Sir Alan Duddle (right), former Snr. Assistant Purser on Ocean Monarch and Queen of Bermuda, has long wished to own models of his old ships.  He told us “I tried to purchase one for years but with no success.  

So, recently, I commissioned a model of Queen of Bermuda from specialist model makers,  I have now approved it and am awaiting delivery.  Maybe now, I will try for Ocean Monarch.”  To see the finished product, click here.