Can you help Janet Pimental with information about her grandfather, Sidney Earl Lewis (below)?

Photograph from collection of Janet Pimental

Janet says “My grandfather, Sidney Earl Lewis (Soda Pop), was an oiler (fireman? Ed) on Queen of Bermuda.  I am looking for anyone with information about him or pictures of him when he worked on the ship. 

If you could post this on the website, I would greatly appreciate it.. I love the website, found it very interesting and looking at the pictures.”




She also tells us, “I am not sure when he worked on the ship or when he stopped but he died on December 27 1964, 12 days after I was born.  

Gladys Lewis (my grandmother and his wife) lived in Spanish Point, Pembroke, Bermuda.”

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If you have any information that could help Janet, please contact the webmaster .

Can you help Carole Fryer (left) with information about Ray Gleave (right)?

Ray was Crew Purser on Queen of Bermuda in the 1950s until the ship was broken up in 1966.

Carole tells us, "I am the cousin of Raymond Gleave who was a purser on Queen of Bermuda.  Ray’s father was my mother's brother.  In conversation with a friend, who mentioned Queen of Bermuda,  alarm bells went off with me.  I started on the web and Googled his name and all the memories came up from your super website. He was a really handsome young man in the 60s "


Carole tried to trace Ray from the time he left the ship and found that he may have married.  She goes on,  " I did trace a lady with the middle-hyphenated  Gleave surname living in Homosassa,  Florida, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack."

The website contacted Roberta and Terry Miller (above) who told us they had tried to contact Ray about 1995 as they had not heard of him for years.  He was at their wedding (see Memories 2 on the website).


They confirmed the person they spoke to was Judy Gleave, but Ray had died just three weeks before their call.  Judy told them that Ray died of an hereditary heart condition that left him in a wheel-chair for the latter part of his life.   If you know more, please contact the webmaster.

Photographs: Alva James, Roberta and Terry Miller and John Quick.

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Can you help Lucy d’Onofrio find John (Jonny) Cooper?

‘About my name, d'Onofrio is not my family name.  Everyone, including John, knew me by my maiden name Lucy Medeiros, (left). Can someone help?’


Do you remember John (Jonny) Cooper?  If you do, please contact the webmaster.

 Photographs: Lucy D;Onofrio


Lucy d’Onofrio (right) has contacted the website for information.  Lucy says, ‘I live in Connecticut, USA, and have been trying for some time to find John (Jonny) Cooper, a former crew member of Queen of Bermuda. He worked as a waiter and I knew him back in 1960-1961.  Oops!  I’m giving my age away.’

‘I found your website and was flooded with an ocean of memories, for John was a special friend.  If there is anyone who knew or remembers him and has any information as to how I can contact him I would really appreciate it.  Unfortunately, I have not kept any photographs of John but would be keen to see any kept by his shipmates.’

‘If it helps any, some of his friends on board ship were Frank Lines, Eugene Lines and John Jones. Sadly, Eugene passed away on March 8, 2013 and Frank on August 3, 2014. It was quite a shock. Frank kept in touch with John over the years and he most likely would have been a great help, he knew where John is and spoke on the phone with him.  I did make contact with Mickey Adderley who also worked on the ship back then. He remembered John but he doesn't have a clue about what happened to him.’